Melton Times letter: Combined authority could help attract Government cash for much needed Melton bypass

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What a breath of fresh air!

To read that Melton may soon be part of an enlarged council which could have much more clout and influence on Central Government decisions.

Here in Melton every recent housing planning application has been opposed by locals on infrastructure and traffic overload problems.

As we all know Melton has great potential to attract more businesses, more industry, jobs and facilities if, and it’s a big if, we had a modern effective road network.

This proposed council change may provide Melton with access to council executives who, actively supported by Sir Alan Duncan, could make a much more effective case for infrastructure finance directly to the Government.

PM David Cameron recently stated that they intend to clear the planning decks for much more housing to be built in middle England.

So, if we are due to have a lot more housing, we need to tell him exactly what is holding back the development of Melton.

Medieval roadways can’t cope with the increasing demands of modern traffic and articulated lorries, so if they want results quickly, Melton needs their help quickly, their support and the money for a proper, well planned bypass!

Brian Hodder

Carnegie Crescent, Melton