Melton Times letter: Call for action to tackle town’s litter problem

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Grantham Journal letter.
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I totally agree with Melton in Bloom’s comment about constant litter. I have written to the Melton Times before, expressing my concern about this growing problem.

Unfortunately the council doesn’t help this situation by removing litter bins. Yes, I know even when they were there a certain few didn’t use them, but a lot did.

I’ve just spent a week in Scarborough, North Yorkshire. It’s a massive place but during the whole time I was there I never saw one piece of litter, a stray bottle or can and , better still, no dog mess or thrown-up remains of the night before indulgence.

I covered a few miles walking around busy and not so busy areas. It was like a breath of fresh air.

Then I return to the filthy dustbin that I have to live in. It really amazes me that a huge place like Scarborough can be litter free, clean and tidy, yet we are disappearing under piles of filth.

Come on everyone, have pride in where you live. To the council - get the bins put back, get the surrounding streets cleaned and not just Burton Street.

Barbara Todd

Willoughby Close, Melton