Village gains life-saving defibrillator

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Villagers are celebrating the arrival of a new life-saving defibrillator installed for their use in emergencies.

The device is located in a phone box on Main Street, Holwell, and was paid for following a £2,000 grant from the IGas Energy Community Fund.

Simon Wilkinson-Blake, a resident who organised the campaign to get the medical equipment there, said: “We’re extremely pleased to have our own defibrillator.

“It means if a resident or visitor to the village suffers sudden cardiac arrest, we can save precious minutes in their treatment.

“Our community is very grateful to the IGas Energy Community Fund for its grant to make this possible.”

Julie Barlow, from IGas Energy, said: “Placing the defibrillators in public areas can greatly improve someone’s chances of surviving cardiac arrest.

“It is great news that IGas has supported Holwell village to purchase this potentially life-saving piece of equipment.”

The Community Heartbeat Trust, a charity focused on providing defibrillation services to rural communities, is holding a community seminar in Holwell on May 18 to demonstrate the use of defibrillators and explain how the equipment works.

Martin Render, chairman of the trust said: “Everybody is welcome, not just from Holwell.

“No special skills are required, just a willingness to play an important role in the event of a medical emergency.”

The Seminar takes place in Holwell’s St Leonard’s Church, from 7pm to 8.30pm.

The trust has also revealed plans to install a new debrillator in Melton.

Funded by the town estate, it will shortly be available in a telephone kiosk at the top end of Burton Street close to the Market Place.

Further devices will also be installed in the Vale of Belvoir villages of Barkestone-le-Vale and Redmile. Melton Golf Club is also due to have one for use by its members.

Trust national secretary Martin Fagan said: “We have good coverage in the Melton borough now, with around 70 when the new ones go in.

“We have managed to put defibrillators in many of the villages now and there a few more we are targeting.”