Video to be shot to engage more residents in Melton Local Plan

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The Melton Local Plan logo EMN-161121-154728001
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A video is being produced in a bid to inspire more people to comment on proposals which will dictate development in Melton over the next 20 years.

A public consultation exercise into recommendations for the Melton Local Plan is running until December 19 but there has been a slow response so far.

Only a handful of comments have been made on the issues, which will shape housing and industrial development in the borough up to 2036.

But officials at Melton Council hope a short film, including interviews with councillors, residents and business people, will engage more people.

Planning policy officer James Beverley said: “Guildford Borough Council did something similar for their draft local plan and their video was quite successful.

“Our film will also feature people talking about the issues which are covered in the Local Plan.

“It should make it a little easier to understand for people because planning terminology can be a bit difficult to follow.”

The footage is being filmed over the next few days so it is ready to go online early next month, on the authority’s website. The council has also brought in a digital engagement employee to publicise the Local Plan consultation and its video on social media.

Mr Beverley said: “We plan to release the video around December 12 to give us a last push for comments up to the deadline date.”

The first of a series of roadshow consultation events was held last week at Gaddesby village hall, which was attended by around 50 people.

The second is today (Tuesday) at Old Dalby village hall, 3pm to 7pm, and the next is at Harby village hall tomorrow, from 4.15pm to 7pm.

The council’s Parkside offices in Melton hosts the final one on November 29, from 10am to 7pm.

Mr Beverley added: “We’ve only had a few comments so far but that is often the case with this type of consultation and then it ramps up the nearer we get to the deadline.

“We understand the way the questions are worded can be quite difficult to understand which is why we are holding these consultation events.

“We are happy to hand out printed forms for those who don’t want to comment online and we can help anyone who needs help with making their submission.”

Online comments can be made at and those responses will then be sent to the Government for consideration by a Planning Inspector, alongside the council’s Submission Draft Plan.

It is anticipated the final Local Plan will be adopted by the council by next March.