Residents demand action to slow speeding drivers on Melton street

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Pleas by householders for something to be done to slow speeding drivers on a Melton road have fallen on deaf ears.

Residents of Sandy Lane say they fear someone will be killed by vehicles persistently travelling over the 30mph speed limit.

County Hall said this week there were not enough accidents on the road to merit speed bumps or a reduced limit, as some householders have requested.

Mark Bairstow, of Sandy Lane, said he had even seen a hearse and mini buses speeding along the road.

He said he had reported details to police but nothing had been done.

Mr Bairstow said: “I have seen it from 6am in the morning to 2am the following night, seven days a week.”

Linda Harris, of Oxford Drive, said she was ‘upset and angry’ when her grandson was almost knocked over.

But a spokesman for Leicestershire County Council said: “Our investigations show that Sandy Lane does not have a higher than average accident rate so, although we will continue to monitor the area as we do for all of our roads, no further action will be taken at this time.”