Frustrated cabbie says he’s baffled why Melton train station bosses removed his business card from display hitting his takings

John Morrow, of Jackman Taxis, outside Melton train station EMN-161208-161855001
John Morrow, of Jackman Taxis, outside Melton train station EMN-161208-161855001
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Melton train station bosses have removed taxi drivers’ business cards from public display after a frustrated cabbie said he felt discriminated against after his card was removed from the cabinet outside the station.

John Morrow, of Jackman Taxis, said he had no idea why his card had been removed from the cabinet but estimates it had hit his takings by at least £150 a week.

John (55) said his card had been displayed, along with those of other firms, for three weeks but was inexplicably removed in early July. Since then updated cards for other operators had appeared in the cabinet. As of Friday there were 14 other taxi firm business cards inside but on Tuesday all of the business cards had been removed.

John recently received a letter from East Midlands Trains saying that its staff ‘are asked to remove business cards from the station unless you have paid to advertise on the property.’

It added that ‘discrimination is not welcomed’ at any of its stations.

But John, of Asfordby Hill, said none of the taxi firms had ever paid to have their cards in the cabinet. The Melton Times contacted several companies whose cards were displayed which confirmed they didn’t pay for the privilege.

John said when he asked train station manager Michael Brown about why his card had been removed Mr Brown denied removing it but then admitted he had, telling John he could do whatever he wanted with the display.

John added: “It’s unbelievable that they refused to display my card when I’d done nothing to offend them. “There’s no reason for them to do it.

“I’m a one-man show and it has made it very difficult for me to make ends meet. I can make anywhere between £30 and £50 a day from the train station which is about half of my income per day.

“I get a lot of my business from the train station, taking people to places like Twinlakes Park and Somerby, and as far as I know it’s the only place local taxi firms are advertised.

“I’ve had to rely upon the good nature of other taxi drivers ringing me up on a Sunday, if they’re not working themselves, to let me know if a customer wants to go somewhere.”

John who worked as a taxi driver part-time for four years before setting up his own business about four months ago. He has previously served 22 years with the Royal Marines Commandos and five years in the Army.

He added: “After serving for 27 years in the military I think it’s only fair I have the rights of everyone else.”

An East Midlands Trains spokeswoman said: “We’re sorry to hear of the concerns raised by Mr Morrow and our station manager will be talking to him directly to address these concerns.

“We are currently carrying out a review of the displays and information at the station to ensure that it is consistent with other stations on our network.”