Students shocked at effects of a car crash

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Teenagers have talked about their shock at seeing the implications of being involved in a road accident during a special session organised by firefighters.

Students at the town campus of Brooksby Melton College were shown videos and experienced a car crash simulator.

And afterwards they revealed the workshop had a sobering effect on their attitudes to driving and road safety.

After watching a film showing the aftermath of a serious road smash, Daisy-May Peberdy (17) said: “I was really shocked and I think everyone else was too.

“It brought home to me that even if you are not hurt you can hurt other people.

“It was interesting to see how the paramedics have to treat people in an accident and the police have to visit the families of the victims.

“I also learned that I have been wearing my seat belt wrong.

“I’m hoping to learn to drive next year and my brother, who’s 20, is learning now.

“I’m going to tell him all about it when I get home.”

Evie Lythgoe-Cheetham (17), who is learning to drive, echoed her sentiments and said the sesssion would have a profound effect on the youngsters who attended.

She said: “It was a bit of a shock to see what happens in a car accident.

“I think it raises awareness that even if you are a confident driver you can still be injured by the actions of someone else on the road.

“Some of the videos were tough to watch, to be honest.

“They showed serious incidents caused by drinking or talking on a mobile and how it can turn out very bad.”

The session was put on by Paul Speight, who co-ordinates education and road safety initiatives for Leicestershire Fire and Rescue Service.

Part of the discussion centred around raising awareness of the so-called FATAL4 causes of young people being involved in road accidents - drink and drugs, speeding. talking on a mobile phone and not wearing a seat belt.

The youngsters got the chance to sit in a souped-up Ford Focus as part of a simulated road accident as well as watching graphic videos.

Melton fire crew manager, Mark Wilks, who took part in the workshop, said: “Sitting in the car simulator is a bit of a treat but the videos had a big impact on everyone.”

Leicestershire Police is continuing to hold FATAL4 operations across the county.

The most recent operation in Melton caught 20 people not wearing a seatbelt, with six people also ticketed for using a mobile behind the wheel.

Including similar operations previously run in Melton in March and October last year, the offence totals add up to 75 people not wearing a seatbelt, 14 using mobiles behind the wheel and 10 travelling at excessive speeds.

Other offences committed concern insurance, MOT, licence, tyre and brake light offences.