Police investigate death of cyclist in organised race near Belvoir Castle

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Police news.
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Police have begun an investigation into the death of a man killed in an organised cycling event near Belvoir Castle on Saturday.

The man, who has not been offically named, is said to have died when he collided with another competitor and then hit a roadsign. The air ambulance attended the scene and the road was closed by police.

A spokesman for Leicestershire Police said: “Police are carrying out enquiries on behalf of the coroner following the death of a cyclist at a planned cycling event at Belvoir Castle. Identification of the deceased will be a matter for the coroner.”

Commenting on the Journal’s website, Richard Middleton said: “No motor vehicles were involved. It was a cycling event (road race) , the gentleman lost control after colliding with another competitor and unfortunately hit a village sign. My thoughts and prayers go out to his family.”

A witness said on the Journal website: “Was watching the race and the tragic events at the end. Just want to say that the volunteers who did everything they could to help the man until the air ambulance were incredible. It’s scant consolation but the chap died doing something he was obviously passionate about and from what I could see was very good at it too.”