Melton learner drivers passed fewer tests last year but male drivers performed better

Driving test pass rates in Melton have been published EMN-180308-104729001
Driving test pass rates in Melton have been published EMN-180308-104729001
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The number of learner drivers passing their test at the Melton test centre fell last year and male drivers proved more successeful than females.

Figures released this week show that 55.4 per cent of learners passed in the town in the 12 months to March this year, compared to 58.1 per cent for the previous year.

And while around six out of 10 male Melton learner drivers got their licence, only five in 10 females got theirs.

The number of males passing was roughly the same as the year before while the amount of females being successful fell from 56.4 per cent to 51.3 per cent.

The driving centre with the highest pass rate in the East Midlands last year was Wellingborough, which recorded an impressive 59.3 per cent.

The worst was Cannock Street in Leicester when only just over a third of learners got a ‘yes’ from the examiner.

There is good news if you are taking your test tomorrow (Saturday) as the research, carried out by insurance comparison website, shows that August 4 is the day when most people pass their test, on average.

A spokesperson for said: “August is in fact the best month over all to take a test, and pass.

“The month has seen the highest number of driving test passes over the past five years, with 47.5 per cent of students receiving their licence in August while our figures show that March appears to be the worst month to take a driving test.

“Picking the right day of the week can be equally as important with learners who book their test on a Monday having a better chance of passing than any other day of the week.

“And picking the right time slot can also determine how likely you are to pass the test.

“Surprisingly, the school run is revealed to be the prime time slot for learner drivers, with 48.1 per cent passing their test between 3pm and 4pm. “However, taking the first slot of the day may just ruin their chances, as the fewest learners passed, 44.2 per cent, between 7am and 8am.”

Go to to find out your chances of passing on a given date on the company’s new interactive driving test calendar.