Anger over motorists parking in disabled parking spaces in Melton

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Infuriated Claire Lomas has offered to work for the council for free to stop able-bodied motorists parking in disabled spaces in the town.

It was a tongue-in-cheek offer by Claire, who is paralysed from the chest down and relies on being able to park close to shops and services with enough room to be able to get her wheelchair in and out of her vehicle.

Her patience boiled over when she visited Melton to find many of the spaces filled by cars which weren’t displaying a blue badge to denote they had mobility problems.

She said one of the motorists was rude to her husband, Dan, when he was challenged on the issue

Claire, who has raised more than £500,000 towards a cure for paralysis, said: “It happens all the time - not only in Melton - everywhere.

“It is not just for me - but it’s even worse for a person with a bigger electric chair.

“I need the spaces, not only to be closer but, most importantly for wheelchairs, is the extra room to get the chair out.

“I emailed the council a while ago but didn’t get anywhere at all. I would quite happily work for them for free and hand out some fines.”

Two years ago, Claire famously spray-painted a disabled parking space outside her daughter’s school at Great Dalby after waiting in vain for County Hall to provide one.

David Blanchard, Melton Council’s corporate property officer, said: “We have enforcement officers out in the daytime looking out for cars parked in disabled spots because it should not be tolerated.

“If people see this happening they can contact us and we will alert the officers to act.”