Thrussington School pupils embrace FaceTime a Farmer Initiative

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Intrigued youngsters in Class One at Thrussington Primary School were excited to take part in FaceTime a Farmer Initiative organised by LEAF (Linking Environment And Farming).

The children had the opportunity to Skype a farmer from Lincolnshire. Christopher Foster of Turfbury Flock - Pedigree Texel spoke to pupils about what his job entails, how he is currently busy lambing and even introduced them to Charlie, a lamb who had been abandoned by his mother and who Christopher is now hand rearing.

Class One were also introduced to Flossy and Finn, five-month-old border collies who were busy play fighting in the background during the video call.

The children are looking forward to keeping in touch and seeing Charlie, Flossy and Finn grow and seeing the changes around the farm as the seasons change.