Thieves target Landrover owners and warning to speeding motorists in Bottesford

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Bottesford Parish Neighbourhood Watch have been alerted to a spate of car thefts as well as speeding in the area.

Professional thieves are targeting Landrover Defenders by removing headlights and rear windows, and by disabling the alarms and immobilisers.

Owners are advised to be extra vigilant and to take extra precautions in order to secure their vehicles.

Bottesford Parish NHW has also received a number of complaints from residents about the excessive speeds of some vehicles using Barkestone Lane. One complainant said: “I wonder if we could remind people that this is a residential road with pets, children, mums of pre-school toddlers, cyclists, and residents, all using it, and that if this continues, I for one will be noting registrations and reporting them to the police.

“I also see near misses as a result of speeding, combined with poor parking at school collection time. It really is only a matter of time before a child gets knocked down because of cars parking on the verges and blocking the access and visibility to pavement dropped curb crossing points - one outside the Primary School alley and the other a little further up outside the Primary School playing field.”

The NHW is taking this up with the police and the parish council. “Vehicle drivers using Barkestone Lane are asked to respect the speed limit and be aware of the potential hazards in this environment,” a NHW spokesman said.