The Big Interview with Michael Harris, Melton Theatre Co-ordinator

Michael Harris Melton Theatre Co-ordinator'PHOTO: Supplied
Michael Harris Melton Theatre Co-ordinator'PHOTO: Supplied
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Michael Harris, who oversees the day to day running of Melton’s theatre, tells the Melton Times why the crowds continue to flock to the prestigious venue

Q How did you get involved with Melton Theatre?

A My entry into the world of theatre began through my studies as a visual artist, at my original home in Derby.

I volunteered with a number of arts organisations as part of my studies and was very aware of the business side of being in the theatres.

Whilst I had a love for visual art, I must admit I’m a realist and knew I didn’t really have the necessary talent to stand apart from the rest of the crowd.

With this in mind, I chose to forego further studies and I accepted an internship in Leicester with The Y Theatre, as their community arts administrator.

My move to Melton Theatre came in October 2011 as the theatre admin assistant on a part time basis.

Q How do you encourage diverse audiences?

A I’ve worked very hard to increase not only the footfall for the theatre but the diversity of the audience we attract.

The wide variety of shows that we host has helped us to attract a variety of new customers.

Q Is British theatre and film in good health?

A The general outlook for theatre and film in the UK is very positive.

Leicestershire in particular is blessed with some brilliant theatres and cinemas and we’re proud to say that ourselves and The Regal are steeped in tradition and have no plans to change that now.

Melton is very lucky to have two very active arts venues who continue to bring their customers exciting shows and plenty of memories.

Q What are you doing differently this year?

A I’ve had a long period of time to understand what our audience wants and it allows us to programme the shows that they want to see.

We’ve listened to what the promoters for shows want too and managed to increase our capacity to entice some bigger names to town.

We’ve trialled the space at the increased capacity now for two shows and it’s been an absolute pleasure to be able to bring the experience of theatre to even more people than before.