Students and staff evacuated after fire breaks out at Brooksby Melton College

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Students and staff at Brooksby Melton College were evacuated after a fire broke out.

A crew from the Melton station attended the incident, where the blaze was reported in a compressor room at the Brooksby campus.

A spokesperson for the college said: “All staff and students evacuated the building in good time and all fail safe systems worked effectively.

“The fire brigade attended and commented on the effectiveness of college procedures in dealing with this type of incident.

“The only damage sustained was to one of our compressor units.”

Leicestershire Fire and Rescue Service said the fire, which was reported at 10.54am on Thursday, was caused by a faulty compressor.

Incident commander Scott Smith said: “We were informed of a fire in a compressor room which was in close proximity to a stock of acetylene cylinders.

“Two breathing apparatus wearers were committed under rapid deployment.

“They found that the fire had burned out by itself and they then ventilated the room.”