Stathern Wobbly Walker Vanessa nails second charity trek for Target Ovarian Cancer

Vanessa and Mike Kennedy at the finish of their London to Brighton trek PHOTO: Supplied
Vanessa and Mike Kennedy at the finish of their London to Brighton trek PHOTO: Supplied
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Fresh from finishing the 26.2-mile London MoonWalk challenge with the Stathern Wobbly Walkers for Breast Cancer Research (May 14), a tenacious fundraiser has gone a step further and walked another 100 kilometres for charity.

Vanessa Kennedy, from Stathern, has completed the London to Brighton challenge for Target Ovarian Cancer, raising over £3,000, and meaning she has done over 130,000 steps over the course of both challenges.

She completed the route (May 27) with her husband Mike. The challenge took the pair from the Old Deer Park in Richmond, along the River Thames, south, to a short over night stop at Tilley’s Farm near Crawley. The couple set off again at 6am the following morning, through the South Downs before finishing at Brighton Racecourse just after 7.30pm.

Vanessa said: “I felt I had to do this so that I could help in my small way to make Ovarian Cancer as easily detected as Breast Cancer, thus giving the many sufferers of this terrible disease the very best chance of survival.

“Seeing the strength and determination of my friends Sarah and Joy battling Ovarian Cancer helped me through the darkest moments of the challenge. No matter how stiff I felt, how much pain I felt in almost every joint and muscle and how hard the terrain was they helped me press on. That and Mike reminding me how amazing I was, or was it mad, I was too tired to remember!”

“I’m completely overwhelmed by how supportive everyone has been. I’m so thankful that they helped me make a small difference to this amazing charity, and the hope it gives all suffers of Ovarian Cancer now and into the future.’

Husband Mike added: “I’ll admit it, I only played a supporting role to Vanessa. Without her tenacity to act, I doubt I’d have walked the distance to Brighton. But how could I say no when I realised this is one of the few remaining insidious diseases creeping up on those lives it’s intent on destroying.

“Watching the determination and bravery of my neighbour Joy fight herself into remission with every ounce of her spirit and support of her amazing family and friends has resolved me to make it to the end. I could never really live it down if Vanessa’s artificial hips made it and mine didn’t!”