Stathern school pupils’ letters outline need for change towards recycling

Headteacher Mr Matthew Lee with school pupils EMN-161201-165717001
Headteacher Mr Matthew Lee with school pupils EMN-161201-165717001
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Youngsters at Stathern Primary School have been showing they really care about climate change and the environment.

Pupils in year six have been learning about the importance of recycling and how to write persuasive letters.

As a result of their class topics they have decided to write letters to Melton Times readers to try and persuade them to recycle more of their household rubbish.

Deputy head and year six teacher, Mrs Angela Jackson, said: “Our pupils have shown initiative in wanting to do something positive to change the way people think towards recycling.

“They’ve been having class debates, writing poetry and have learnt about not sending recyclable household items to landfill sites.

“The letters clearly show the children are very passionate about this important issue.”

One child’s letter said: “We all need to make a bigger effort to recycle more, explain where the recycling bin is, or if you don’t have a recycling bin, get one! Are we really expected to live next to a dump?”

And another letters said: “I find the fact that people are not recycling because they can’t be bothered disgusting. Is it really that hard to put a plastic bottle or an old newspaper in the recycling bin?

“Did you know recycling one can can power a TV for three hours? Do you want Britain to become a huge landfill site? The only option is to recycle, recycle, recycle! The world would be a better place if you recycle more.”

The Melton Times will endeavour to publish at least one letter a week on the ‘Reader’s View’ page beginning next week.