Rutland and Melton MP Alan Duncan trending on Twitter after saying critics of David Cameron “hate anyone who’s even got a hint of wealth”

Rutland and Melton MP Alan Duncan.
Rutland and Melton MP Alan Duncan.
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Rutland and Melton MP Sir Alan Duncan has hit headlines this afternoon (Monday, April 11) after he said in the House of Commons that critics of Prime Minister David Cameron’s “real point is that they hate anyone who’s even got a hint of wealth”.

The Conservative MP went onto say: “May I support the Prime Minister in fending off those who are attacking him, simply thinking of this place because if he doesn’t, we’re going to end up with a House of Commons stuffed full of low-achievers, who hate enterprise, hate people who look after their own family and who know absolutely nothing about the outside world.”

His comments were met with jeers from his fellow MPs and he was soon trending on Twitter. People were quick to point out that in 2009, it was revealed that Sir Alan had recouped more than £4,000 in expenses for work to his garden. He later stopped claiming for the work after agreeing that it could be construed as “excessive”.

The Prime Minister was facing MPs in the House of Commons for the first time since the row over his family’s tax affairs, when Sir Alan spoke out.

On Friday, Nick Boles, the Conservative MP for neighbouring towns Grantham and Stamford, was also a trending topic following a heated row on the Panama papers on BBC Breakfast. Read more here