Public give views on how Melton borough should grow

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Most people who took part in a public consultation on Melton’s emerging new Local Plan believe the future growth of the borough, over the next 20 years, should be focused on the town.

The ‘Melton Local Plan Issues and Options’ consultation was the second stage in the preparation of a new Local Plan which will shape future development in the borough up until 2036.

Melton Council will now start work on the preparation of its Preferred Options (Draft Local Plan), on the basis of seeking to deliver a target of 245 new homes per year.

The results of the consultation were presented at a Melton Council meeting last Wednesday.

Of all the questions listed in the 98-page consultation document, the one which got the most responses (153) asked residents how growth should be distributed in the borough, the majority saying it should be concentrated on the town though many expressed concern that Melton can’t take more housing until a bypass is provided.

Asked to rank their top priorities for new infrastructure in the borough, nearly 70 per cent of respondents who answered this question put transport at the very top of their list.

In respect of where people felt large scale development should go in the borough, a common thread from respondents was to deliver homes across more than one site. In terms of specific locations suggested within the document, most of the 122 respondents (17 per cent) opted for the Dalby and Normanton Airfields.

The next highest option, chosen by 13 per cent of respondents, gave their preference for Melton North and South sites.

A total of 296 responses were received to the council’s consultation, with just over a quarter of respondents answering every question.

The council said its response to each of the issues would be included in a formal consultation and engagement statement to be published in due course alongside its Preferred Options (Draft Plan). It’s anticipated the council’s draft plan will be considered and consulted upon later this year.

There would then be further stages in the Local Plan development process, including external examination by an inspector, with the plan expected to be adopted by Melton Council in May 2017.

For more information about the new Melton Local Plan you can visit Melton Council’s website at