Melton Borough Council elections: See who’s standing

Election 2015 ballot box
Election 2015 ballot box
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Here are the candidates standing for election to Melton Borough Council on May 7 (uncontested wards not included)

ASFORDBY (2 seats) - De Burle, Ronnie (Con), Lambert, Harry (UKIP), Sheldon, Mal (Con)

MELTON CRAVEN (2 seats) - Barnes, Sacha (UKIP), Beaken, Tracy (Con), Bush, Gary (Ind), Douglas, Jeanne (Con), Ogden, David (Lab)

MELTON DORIAN (3 seats) - Cumbers, Pat (Con), Gordon, Marilyn (Ind), Moulding, John (Lab), Overfield Shaw, Jan (Lab), Pearson, Alan (Con), Rolley, Stuart (Lab), Wyatt, John (Con)

MELTON EGERTON (2 seats) - Blase, Michael (Lab), Brown, Mike (Lab), Culley, Tina (Ind), Faulkner, Peter (Con), Smith, Madeleine (Con)

MELTON NEWPORT (3 seats) - Glancy, Margaret (Con), Lumley, Simon (Con), Overfield Shaw, David (Lab), Posnett, Pam (Con), Scutter, John (UKIP)

MELTON SYSONBY (3 seats) - Bains, Tejpal (Con), Daniels, Nigel (UKIP), Illingworth, John (Con), Jackson, Vanessa (Lab), Manderson, Val (Con), Twittey, Mark (Ind)

MELTON WARWICK (2 seats) - Blase, Suzannah (Lab), Freer-Jones, Alison (Ind), Greenow, Tom (Con), Hurrell, Julia (Con), Shelley, Duncan (UKIP)

WALTHAM-ON-THE-WOLDS (1 seat) - Birt, Mike, Hiley, Brian (Con), Holmes, Elaine (Ind)