EU Referendum results: Melton borough votes for Brexit

EU referendum
EU referendum
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The Melton borough has had its say in the EU Referendum - and it wanted to leave.

The turnout was 81.4 percent, with 58 per cent of borough voters (17,610 people) wanting Britain to leave and 42 per cent (12,695 people) wanting to remain in the EU.

Here’s how people voted based on the Melton area county divisions:

Melton North

Leave (61 per cent/4,689 people)

Remain (39 per cent/3,001 people)

Melton South

Leave: (62 per cent/4,640 people)

Remain: (38 per cent/ 2,869 people)


Leave: 56 per cent/4,246 people)

Remain: 44 per cent/3,318 people)


Leave: 53.5 per cent/4,035 people

Remain: 46.5 per cent/3,507 people