Elections 2015 results: Rutland County Council

Rutland County Council offices in Oakham
Rutland County Council offices in Oakham
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This is the full list of results in the elections for Rutland County Council.

Votes were cast yesterday (Thursday) and ballot papers have now been delivered to Victoria Hall in Oakham.

The count began at 2pm and concluded just before 9pm.

There was a small delay in the count for the first ward announced - Oakham North West - while counters observed a silence to commemorate VE Day.

There was also a recount in the Oakham South East ward for the papers to be verified.

The list of candidates standing for the county council is as follows. Four of the 16 wards are uncontested, so all candidates standing in these wards have been elected. The number of seats on each ward is in brackets.

Braunston and Belton (1) Uncontested

William Cross (Con)

Cottesmore (2)

Richard Foster (Con) 712 - ELECTED

Gerry Robinson (Ukip) 492

Andrew Stewart (Con) 709 - ELECTED

Exton (1)

Claire Barks (Ukip) 125

Gavin Davies (Lib Dem) 162

Terry King (Con) 449 - ELECTED

Gene Plews (Independent) 111

Greetham (1) Uncontested

Roger Begy (Con)

Ketton (2)

Gary Conde (Con) 1,004 - ELECTED

Michael Griffiths (Lib Dem) 482

Marietta King (Ukip) 302

Diana MacDuff (Con) 791 - ELECTED

Langham (1)

Oliver Hemsley (Con) 386 - ELECTED

Brenda Palmer (Lib Dem) 301

Nick Wainwright (Independent) 113

Lyddington (1) Uncontested

James Lammie (Con)

Martinsthorpe (1)

Edward Baines (Con) 464 - ELECTED

Theresa Stokes (Independent) 263

Normanton (2)

Kenneth Bool (Con) 1,020 - ELECTED

Rob Campbell (Ukip) 399

Gale Waller (Lib Dem) 844 - ELECTED

Oakham North East (2) Uncontested

Jeff Dale (Independent)

Alan Walters (Independent)

Oakham North West (2)

Dave Blanksby (Independent) 440

Joanna Burrows (Lib Dem) 546

Richard Gale (Independent) 625 - ELECTED

Alastair Mann (Con) 741 - ELECTED

Mark Woodcock (Independent) 542

Oakham South East (2)

Ben Callaghan (Independent) 573 - ELECTED

Michael Haley (Independent) 478

Tony Mathias (Con) 570 - ELECTED

John Park (Con) 524

Richard Swift (Lib Dem) 327

Oakham South West (2)

Oliver Bird (Independent) 617 - ELECTED

Graham Carey (Independent) 571

Christopher Clark (Con) 575

Richard Clifton (Con) 583 - ELECTED

David Richardson (Independent) - Decision of returning officer that nomination paper is invalid. Assentor: Subscriber already used two times In electoral area - Rosalind A Dos Santos

Ryhall and Casterton (2)

Chris Parsons (Independent) 739 - ELECTED

Charlotte Vernon (Con) 708

David Wilby (Con) 868 - ELECTED

Uppingham (3)

Peter Baker (Ukip) 476

Rachel Burkitt (Con) 917 - ELECTED

Miranda Jones (Lab) 625

Gabrielle Maughan (Lab) 378

Marc Oxley (Independent) 882 - ELECTED

Lucy Stephenson (Con) 1,086 - ELECTED

Whissendine (1)

Sam Asplin (Lib Dem) 511 - ELECTED

Jonny Baker (Con) 265

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