Alicia Kearns becomes only the second woman to be elected as Melton’s MP

Alicia Kearns, the newly-elected MP for Rutland and Melton EMN-191212-173152001
Alicia Kearns, the newly-elected MP for Rutland and Melton EMN-191212-173152001
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Alicia Kearns celebrated a record majority early this morning (Friday) as she became only the second woman elected as MP for Melton.

She follows Mervyn Pike, who won the 1956 General Election to become the constituency’s first female MP.

Mrs Kearns is only the fifth MP to serve the constituency since the end of the Second World War, following on from Sir Alan Duncan (elected 1992), Michael Latham (1974), Mervyn Pike (1956) and Sir Anthony Nutting (1945).

We interviewed her along with the other candidates in the run-up to the General Election and her answers to five key questions give an indication of what kind of MP she will be for Rutland and Melton.

This is what she said:

Q1 What would be your three main priorities if you are elected as MP for Rutland and Melton?

Alicia Kearns: I will fight for our fair share of Government funding so we can invest in our beautiful villages and market towns, our environment, social care, broadband, bus services, policing, our roads, and provision for our young people.

I want to protect what makes Rutland and Melton so extraordinary, from our local pubs to the enormous sense of civic duty, the friendliness, and our very special way of life.

We should all be able to rely on good health services close to home. I will work to secure a new GP surgery in Melton and increase GP provision across our area. I also want to invest in local mental health provision.

Nationally, my priority is to get Brexit done. I voted to leave, and as a democrat, I want to uphold the result of the referendum.

I will back Boris’s deal so we can get back to dealing with the issues that matter the most to us all.

Q2 Do you support Brexit and what do you think will be the impact on residents of Melton and Rutland when the UK finally leaves the EU?

AK: I voted to leave the European Union and believe that we should respect the result.

No divorce is perfect, but Boris’s deal takes us out of the Customs Union, the Single Market, and the European Court of Justice.

My job is to make sure we secure the best opportunities from Brexit for Rutland and Melton, including a good working relationship with the EU.

This includes getting the Agriculture Bill moving, so that our farmers and food producers are supported fully and there are excellent opportunities for our business owners to export internationally.

Q3 Please name one specific issue you would like to resolve in the Melton borough and explain why you think it is important?

AK: The priority issues for me in Melton are getting a new GP surgery built, delivering the bypass for which Sir Alan Duncan successfully secured the funding so we can get our town moving, and crucially getting us a fairer share of central Government funding to enable us to invest in our local services.

Q4 How would you describe the role of an MP in terms of the balance of representing the constituency with demands from Westminster duties?

AK: People go to their MP in their darkest moments, when there is nowhere else left to turn.

I want to be that person for Rutland and Melton.

I live in Langham with my family, and my pledge to my constituents is: I will be an MP who takes the time to listen to you, to advocate for you, and secure the change you need to make each of our lives better.

My priority will always be you, and I will stand up for us all at Westminster.

Q5 What personal qualities do you have which would make you a good MP?

AK: I am someone who is compassionate and honest.

My career has been dedicated to public service, working in counter-terrorism to defeat our enemies, such as ISIS.

I understand duty, dedication, and hard work.

Over the last few weeks I have visited over 25 villages and all of our beautiful market towns, knocking on doors, holding street stalls, meeting residents in our pubs, and attending local events.

I hope to meet many more people over the coming weeks. My door is always open.