Police and council to clamp down on illegal fishing in Melton Country Park

Melton Country Park EMN-191212-130538001
Melton Country Park EMN-191212-130538001
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Police are stepping up patrols in Melton Country Park after reports of people fishing illegally in the lake.

Melton Borough Council, which owns the park, says it is aware of the practice taking place and is taking action to stop it happening.

Melton Country Park EMN-191212-130448001

Melton Country Park EMN-191212-130448001

Resident Greg Davies contacted the Melton Times to voice concerns that discarded fishing lines near the water are posing a danger to animals and children.

He said: “Over the past several weeks there has been someone fishing in the lower lake in the country park.

“This person sometimes uses a rod and sometimes just a line. Fishing is prohibited in this area.

“I walk my dogs in the park daily and on more than one occasion I have found discarded fishing line in the area being fished.

Melton Country Park EMN-191212-130513001

Melton Country Park EMN-191212-130513001

“I have been told by other park users that they have experienced similar problems and one person has told me that her dog became entangled in fishing line attached to a hook.

“Others have told me that they have reported their concerns but nothing seems to have been done.”

Mr Davies said that he confronted two people he found fishing illegally in the lake while out walking his dogs one morning recently.

“I found a length of discarded line and spoke to one of the men, I asked him if he would be more careful and take his rubbish home with him as it was dangerous to both children and animals,” he said.

“His response was to shout and swear at me to mind my own business.

“I cannot repeat the words and abuse he gave me before he was joined by his friend also giving me abuse and swearing.

“I felt intimidated and threatened by the abuse and left.

“These people fish in this place almost every day and at all times of day.

“They arrive on bicycles and stay for about an hour each time.

“Unless something is done to stop this behaviour I fear someone is going to be injured, either by the discarded fishing equipment or by being assaulted by one or both of these men.”

The borough council said it had been brought to their attention that illegal fishing was taking place in the country park.

A spokeswoman said: “Officers informed the police who have been patrolling the park as often as their resources allow in order to catch the offending person or persons.

“Council officers will continue to make unannounced park inspections until they are confident that the activity has ceased or the culprits caught and held to account for their actions.

“The council takes these breaches of its bylaws seriously and will continue to allocate resources to address these issues.”

The spokeswoman added: “If any members of the public have any information in relation to those who may be fishing, we ask that they report it to the council so that further action may be taken.”