Second dog attacked in Melton after Billy recovers from savage mauling

Melton Shih Tzu dog Billy pictured after being savagely attacked in the town by another dog while both were being walked by their owners
Melton Shih Tzu dog Billy pictured after being savagely attacked in the town by another dog while both were being walked by their owners
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After a savage attack by another dog left a little Shih Tzu with a serious eye injury there has been a report of a second mauling incident in Melton involving two other dogs.

The Melton Times last week reported the attack on Billy, which happened as he was being walked on his lead near the Tesco Express store in Nottingham Road by what was thought to be a Bullmastiff-cross.

The five-year-old Maltese Shih Tzu is still being treated by a vet and could lose the sight in one of his eyes.

And it has now emerged there was another serious attack on a dog last week, in the town centre near WH Smiths.

Reader Mary McGuire witnessed the incident, at 2.20pm on Thursday.

She said: “A Staffie-type dog attacked another dog, with its head locked in its mouth on Market Place.

“I called the police who took details but I was informed as it was a dog on dog attack it is classed as a civil matter.

“These attacks are becoming more frequent and somebody could have been seriously injured.

“The owner of the dog that attacked was verbally abusive to witnesses and walked off after gaining control of his dog.

“Someone then took the owner of the dog that had been attacked to the vets.

“I don’t know the outcome, but felt that this matter needed reporting.”

The incident has similarities to the one involving Billy, which happened the week before, on October 18.

He was attacked by a dog which also clamped its jaws around Billy’s head and neck.

The treasured pet was left covered in blood and staff at Melton Vets initially feared he may lose one of his eyes.

His anguished owners, Peter and Edna Field, who live on the Fairmead Estate, say their dog is still traumatised by the incident.

Mr Field, who is concerned the offending dog will attack again, said this week: “I have taken Billy to the Vets this morning, and, while there are no guarantees, it appears that the eye is trying to repair itself.

“The vet said that even if the external look improves, there is still uncertainty as to whether Billy will be able to see out of it.”

He added: “Our other concern, of course, has to be that the owner of the attacking dog has not yet been identified – he and his dog are, in our minds, still a threat to local people and animals. He must be found.”

The couple reported the incident to the police and have put up posters appealing for witnesses.

They were also walking their other Shih Tzu, Alfie, at the time but he slipped his lead and escaped uninjured.

Leicestershire Police say any witnesses to either incident should call them on 101.

A spokesperson said: “We did carry out enquiries into the incident involving the Shih Tzu and we would ask any witnesses to let us know what they saw.

“If dog owners are concerned about an attack on their animal or they suspect a banned breed is involved they should call us on 101.”