Public appeal to help our horse sanctuary

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The harsh winter and a fall in donated cash has prompted a desperate appeal for help from the owner of a shelter for unwanted animals.

Carole Fielding, who has been running Pablo’s Horse Sanctuary at Long Clawson for 12 years, needs an injection of money to help keep it going.

The extreme cold and sharp frosts coupled with a drop in the amount of money pledged has made the task of caring for the 60 animals who live in her yard and fields off Waltham Lane more difficult.

She said: “People don’t seem to have the money to help in the current climate.

“And the cold weather of the last two months certainly hasn’t helped.

“For example, when I put the hay in the fields for the animals I am having to use two bails instead of one.

“It is costing me £1,000 a week just to pay for my hay.

“We just need help to get us through the winter.”

More and more animals are being abandoned in recent months, she said, because people can’t afford to look after them.

“I often to get phone calls from people saying they want to dump a horse or that they’ve seen a horse which has been abandoned by roadside,” said Mrs Fielding. “It is very sad to hear an animal has been abandoned but we try to help as many as we can.”

Fundraisers are being lined up including a Beatles tribute act playing at Melton’s Royal British Legion Club on February 27.

The sanctuary is also appealing for help from volunteers. Two or three hours a week would be useful and no experience of working with horses is required. Call 07745 628684 to pledge money to the sanctuary or volunteer help.