Melton mum needs your help to find her little girl’s missing rabbit teddy

Pink rabbit 'Baby' is missing PHOTO: Supplied
Pink rabbit 'Baby' is missing PHOTO: Supplied

A heartbroken Melton mum is appealing for help to find her little girl’s beloved comforter teddy.

Lucy Beresford, who lives on Valley Road, was on the way to Active Antz playgroup on Burton Road via Hartopp Road and Norfolk Drive, on April 9, with her two-year-old daughter Lydia Mason, in her buggy when Lydia dropped her pink rabbit without Lucy realising.

Lucy said: “We looked everywhere for it and retraced our steps twice but couldn’t find it.

“Lydia was extremely upset and I had to try and find a way to explain to her that it was gone, which wasn’t nice.

“She is just about coping with not having her rabbit she refers to as ‘Baby’, but it’s difficult to keep reminding her she doesn’t have it anymore.

“It’s also proving hard to get a replacement because the teddy was an Easter toy purchased two years ago from Morrisons.

“Lydia and I would be eternally grateful for Baby’s safe return.”

If you find Baby, please call Lucy on 07930 428371.