Melton Misiuda Academy of Dance teacher bows out on a high after 27 years

Nicola Clay (centre) with her senior dance group PHOTO: Supplied
Nicola Clay (centre) with her senior dance group PHOTO: Supplied

With great fondness is how Melton dance teacher Nicola Clay says she will look back at her time in charge at Misiuda Academy of Dance.

Nicola has stepped down after almost three decades at the helm teaching hundreds of boys and girls.

She said: “I took over from my old dancing teacher, Jean Bakewell, the school was formerly known as the Jean Cunnington School of Dance.

“The highlight is always the annual show. It’s a lot of hard work but the children love it and are always very excited. I also love to see how the children grow up, some of them dance from the age of three until they are 18 so I see them regularly over a number of years. It’s lovely to see how each of them changes and improves.”

Nicola has decided to hand over the school to someone else because she no longer feels she has the energy to do the best for her pupils.

“I never wanted to be the old dancing teacher who couldn’t get out of her chair to demonstrate the steps, so thought it would be best to stop before I got to that stage,” said Nicola.

“I love dancing and teaching, but for me it’s just not the same when your body doesn’t want to co-operate as it once did.

“I have no idea what I’m going to do next but I’m still young enough for something else. I will be studying a bit more Spanish and I have a few step- grandchildren so I think I will be quite busy helping out with some childcare.

“I would like to thank all of my dancers and parents over the years for their support and for many happy memories. I will miss them but I hope that with their new teachers, they continue to dance for many years to come.”