Melton child’s yummy cakes raise funds for Alzheimer’s Society

Maisie Brown PHOTO: Supplied
Maisie Brown PHOTO: Supplied

A Melton child’s cupcake sale has raised £262 for Alzheimer’s Society.

Seven-year-old Maisie Brown wanted to do something to help others after being inspired by a TV advert appealing for donations, so she proceeded to make and sell irresistible treats to her friends and family.

Maisie’s mum Sam said: “We decided, as it was soon to be Cupcake Day for the Alzheimer’s Society, we would take part in that.

“My daughter loves baking and eating cake so figured it was perfect.

“Maisie was lucky enough to be allowed by her teacher to stand up and tell her classmates all about it and the charity she was fundraising for, to promote her event and invite them to come along.

“She hosted and organised games, and all weekend (June 15 and 16) the house was full of support and fun.

“Cakes were bought for a voluntary donation smashing Maisie’s original fundraising target of £100.

“Massive thank you to all who supported. I am really proud of this selfless act that she was inspired to do .”