Meet the community heroes who make Melton borough great - Mayor’s Award winners 2019

Heroes of the Melton borough with their Mayor's Awards certificates PHOTO: Tim Williams
Heroes of the Melton borough with their Mayor's Awards certificates PHOTO: Tim Williams

Unsung heroes from across the borough were celebrated at this year’s Mayor’s Awards.

The awards were handed out to those who have gone above and beyond to help their community, at a special presentation evening on Monday.

During the ceremony in the council’s Civic Suite, Mayor of Melton, Councillor Pru Chandler praised all the worthy nominees who were put forward for recognition by councillors and residents.

Carol Parker, volunteer playgroup leader, Come and Grow at Thorpe Arnold and Samworth Centre Pram Club, won an Award of Merit. She works tirelessly to provide outstanding baby groups for the community; runs two groups, plus highly successful weekend events (such as craft afternoons and family sessions) to bring families within the community together; provides invaluable support and shows great generosity to all; is a shoulder to cry on, joy to laugh with and is far more than a playgroup leader; is ‘one in a million’ and an asset to the town.

Cyril Barnes, community volunteer, won an Award of Merit. He has undertaken voluntary work for at least 20 years; delivers library books to those who cannot visit the library themselves through age or disability - the books are a ‘lifeline’ to these people and Cyril gives time and energy to ensure they are always delivered, even arranging his holiday time around his deliveries; volunteers with Age Concern.

Daniel Gibby and Nick Dobney, Bottesford Football Club, won an Award of Merit. They have made an outstanding contribution towards establishing a state-of-the-art football facility at Bottesford, that will not only benefit Bottesford but the wider area. The project did not happen overnight, many obstacles had to be overcome, both legal and financial, but the determination to succeed was apparent throughout.

Janet King and Jenny Pengelly, church wardens, St James’ Church, Burton Lazars, won an Award of Merit. They are ‘unsung heroes’ who give their time and energy to improve outcomes and help others in the community; are caring and compassionate to talk to in times of need; have opened up a greater role for the church in the lives of those living in the village; have played a key role throughout the refurbishment of St James’ Church, which provides chancellery facilities, better access, including wheelchair access, toilet facilities, storage, heating, kitchen, water, drainage and a quiet room for counselling and a meeting place. The refurbishment affects the whole village and residents to the south of Melton and other villages.

Pamela Smith, volunteer secretary, Melton Stroke Club won an Award of Merit. She actively undertakes voluntary service at the club; demonstrates selfless commitment in her support of patients (some of whom live alone and really look forward to meeting together) and carers; makes a significant contribution to the community, encouraging those with similar experiences to meet regularly.

Sudha Patel, community volunteer, won an Award of Merit. She demonstrates selfless commitment to the elderly, vulnerable and housebound in the community; makes a significant contribution to the community in giving kindness and support by voluntarily delivering provisions to those in need.

Melanie Davies, community volunteer, won an Award of Merit. She has been an active member of the community since moving to Somerby in May 2000 and is always the first volunteer for any local event; organises community activities and events such as Camera Club, Somerby Singers, litter picks and more - these activities draw the community together and benefit people in the parish (ranging from those at primary school, to those with an interest in the environment); regularly attends and contributes to parish council meetings; is a great motivator, encouraging people who may not have considered joining in village activities to participate and contribute themselves; has undertaken fundraising for Somerby Village Hall, initiating and organising events.

The children of Little Stars Day Nursery and Little Stars Nursery School won a Young Citizen Award. They give joy and happiness to the residents of Gretton Court; enthusiastically participate in the intergenerational play project at Gretton Court; use their weekly sessions of physical activity and play to foster positive relationships with the residents of Gretton Court.

Bottesford Football Club won the most outstanding of the Award of Merit nominations in recognition of the outstanding contribution made by officers, committee members and supporters of the club to enable the facility to be built.