Horse sales prove a big hit again at the cattle market

Tim Webster, horse auctioneer at Melton Cattle Market EMN-150709-163613001
Tim Webster, horse auctioneer at Melton Cattle Market EMN-150709-163613001
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Horses were sold again at Melton Cattle Market on Saturday for the first time in three-and-a-half years.

And the one-off auction proved so popular that it is hoped they will be held every month from next year.

Horse sales were stopped at Melton because they were no longer viewed as profitable but the markethas since picked up.

Vendors from throughout the country brought 122 horses for sale on Saturday.

Auctioneer Tim Webster said: “We had massive crowds for the sale.

“It went very well, better than expected and we are talking now about holding them regularly again next year.

“At the weekend several horses were sold for over 1,000 guineas.

“Some of the horses up for sale were ex-racehorses and there were also hunters, show cobs and other breeds.

“We also had some donkeys as well.”

A small proportion of the horses at the sale were sold for their meat although owners can sign a section of their horse’s passport asking for the animal not to be sold for human consumption.

Mr Webster added: “I would like to start running horse sales every month at Melton market next year, probably the first Saturday of the month between April and October.

“We are still discussing it but hopefully the sales on Saturday have shown us that it is profitable to do that.”