Harby author’s thrilling book is a must-read this January according to publisher Tredition

What’s Done Is Done, a suspenseful thriller written by a first-time Harby author has been selected as ‘Book of The Month’ by publisher Tredition.

Tuesday, 22nd January 2019, 11:14 am
Updated Thursday, 7th February 2019, 6:30 pm
Brian Hiley PHOTO: Supplied

Brian Hiley took to writing his first novel as a challenge from a relative and has already started on his follow up, which will eventually lead to a trilogy of exciting stories.

Brian said: “It was an enjoyable experience carrying out the research for the book and I am pleased that I have written a storyline that readers like.”

Set in a world of drugs, murder and kidnap, the story moves through three continents with sex, violence and brutality involving official agencies and a Colombian cartel.

The book is already on sale in 60 countries worldwide, with early reader reviews proving positive.

What’s Done Is Done is available online in all formats and can be ordered via main bookstores.

The plot in more detail: Pablo Escobar is dead and the Medellin cartel is now run by La Officina de Envigado.

Their operation is under threat from a whistle blower who is preparing to supply the FBI and DEA with vital information about distribution routes through Miami, a devastating blow to the cartel.

The information is hidden away, which results in a frantic race for both sides following the trail to retrieve it. Intervention from a loner, leaving violence and death in his wake, moves this tense thriller through three continents, with sex and brutality. Will he succeed in his mission and settle old scores.

For more information on this title, visit https://tredition.co.uk/authors/brian-hiley-412/whats-done-is-done-paperback-1414/