Cat owner warns of anti-freeze poisoning

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A Melton woman has been left devastated after her pet cat was poisoned with anti-freeze.

Fin, a 10-month-old Bengal cross, was fine when owner Jane Morton left her home on West Avenue to go to work last Tuesday night (April 7). But when she came home the next morning Fin wasn’t well.

He was having trouble standing up and was losing his balance. His condition rapidly deteriorated and by the time Jane rushed him to Vets4Less on Kings Road, Fin had already suffered severe kidney failure and was eventually euthanised.

“I came home from work and could see he was in pain. When he jumped off the bed he just lay in a heap and couldn’t get up,” said Jane.

“As soon as Vets4Less opened I took him straight down. After they had examined him they said his kidneys had failed and the most common cause of this was anti-freeze poisoning.

“The thought that someone might have put it down deliberately is just devastating.”

Jane lost her other cat Willow (9), last June to anti-freeze poisoning and is hoping her story will raise awareness.

She said: “Fin was a lively, fun-loving cat who loved to play and come on walks with my six dogs. I’m really upset.”

John Crocher, of Vets4Less, is urging other cat owners to be vigilant and to call a vet immediately if they notice any signs of poisoning.

Drivers are also being urged to check cars aren’t leaking water coolant and they don’t spill any anti-freeze, used in products such as screen wash and de-icers.

John Crocher, of Vets4Less, said: “Only small amounts need to be digested to cause kidney failure and death. Usual symptoms to watch out for include sickness, nausea, wobbliness and can progress on to breathing difficulties and fits. If anyone is in any doubt over the welfare of their cat we urge them to bring them in immediately.”