Appeal after eight dogs found abandoned in shocking state

One of the dogs found abandoned at Redmile, north of Melton. Picture: RSPCA
One of the dogs found abandoned at Redmile, north of Melton. Picture: RSPCA
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The RSPCA has appealed for information after four Newfoundland dogs, two cockapoos and two Lhasa-apsos were found dumped in Redmile near Melton.

The dog warden was made aware of the dogs early in the morning on October 16 and called the RSPCA due to the poor condition they were in.

The dogs were most likely dumped on Monday night (October 15) - the same day seven other matted Newfoundlands were found abandoned eighty miles away in Syderstone, Norfolk.

Inspector Kate Burris said: “It is absolutely heartbreaking to see the condition these dogs have been left in, I don’t know how anyone could let them get into such a state.

“It’s as if they have never seen the light of day, or been on a lead. They are lovely, friendly dogs but just totally scared.

“They are skinny and all of the dogs’ fur is incredibly matted and covered in faeces. It is possible, due to the breed of the dogs, that they have been used for breeding and then dumped when they were no longer useful.

“The RSPCA does not often see dogs of these breeds so it seems coincidental that this has happened relatively close to where seven Newfoundlands were found in a similar state on Monday.

“We don’t know if the incidents are linked but it is certainly plausible. We hope that a member of the public may recognise these dogs or have some information for us, if so they can contact our inspectorate appeal line in confidence on 0300 123 8018.”

The dogs were taken to RSPCA Radcliffe in Radcliffe on Trent to be examined by vets and treated.

Inspector Burris said: “RSPCA Radcliffe were amazing and I couldn’t thank them enough for responding so quickly when we arrived with so many dogs that all needed immediate attention.”