Parents warn of anti-vandal paint on fence dividing Melton pub car park and path to park

The anti-vandal paint put on the fence bordering the Anne of Cleves pub's car park EMN-160525-143529001
The anti-vandal paint put on the fence bordering the Anne of Cleves pub's car park EMN-160525-143529001
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Unsuspecting parents have been warned to steer clear of a fence daubed in anti-vandal paint dividing a Melton pub’s car park and an entrance to a park.

The licensee of the Anne of Cleves on Burton Street, an Everards pub run as an independent tenanted business, recently painted the fence, which borders the car park behind the pub, to deter people from climbing on it.

The fence also faces Melton Council’s Burton Street car park and the entrance to Play Close leading from it.

The Melton Times has been contacted by unsuspecting parents whose children have got covered in the black paint and who wanted to warn other parents.

Kathryn Tasker, whose three-year-old daughter got covered in the paint, said: “Thankfully we managed to remove the paint from my daughter’s hair, face and hands but her coat was ruined.

“I’d like to warn other unsuspecting parents of the danger as it was a very unpleasant experience for my daughter.

“No warning signs had been put up and when I confronted the landlord of the pub about his duty to display a notice he said he didn’t have to put up a sign, it was on private land and ‘kids shouldn’t climb fences.’”

Melton man Stewart Betts’ four-year-old daughter, Joanna, also fell foul of the black paint after lifting her arm and her beloved teddy onto the fence while on a walk with her dad.

Mr Betts said: “It wasn’t until we got nearer the car that I noticed she was covered in his black stuff. It was all over her hands. It’s ruined her clothes as well as the 40-year-old teddy which she loved. She went to school distraught.

“There were two notices I saw but that was it. The biggest thing from my perspective is warning other people about the paint.”

An Everards spokeswoman said: “I can confirm that we assessed the fence this morning (Wednesday) and have decided that we will replace the fence panels meaning there will be no anti-vandal paint remaining. This will be done prior to this weekend.”