No centre lines improves road safety

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REMOVING centre lines from rural roads helps to reduce motorists speed a Leicestershire County Council report has revealed.

The Highways team has removed centre lines from 10 locations in the county over the past few years including Barkby Lane, Syston, Rearsby Road Thrussington and Main Street in Queniborough.

All sites have had their recent accident reports inspected and the council has concluded that there have been no accidents recorded on any of the stretches listed that could be attributable to the removal of centre lines.

Highways officer David Wright, who carried out the report, said: “Without a centre line, a road appears narrower. If drivers have no defined area of carriageway that is their half, studies show that they will slow down to reduce their perceived risk of a collision.”

Highways adopted the idea after Wiltshire County Council published an evaluation on the effect of removing centre white lines.

It commissioned the Transport Research Laboratory and the Civil Engineering and Environmental Management Associates to carry out an investigation. Evidence showed that without centre lines, drivers travel closer to the kerb-line, adopt a more stable lateral position in the road, have a 40 per cent increase in lateral separation from oncoming traffic and reduce their speed when they are close to oncoming vehicles.

In order for a road to be considered for non-replacement of centre lines it must be in a village or village like setting and not be an A or B classification road.

More roads across the county are expected to be considered for removal of centre lines this year, with work anticipated to be carried out during May or June.