A SINGLE dad with his own business and a passion for motorbikes? Not how most people would imagine a psychic.

But when I met Patrick Deadman, at his West Leake home, that was exactly what he turned out to be.

"Some people think we're all like Mystic Meg – I hate that image," he said.

"And some people say all psychics are frauds, but that's like saying all black men steal cars. It's a terrible generalisation.

"My family are Romany gypsies, on my mother's side, and they have a history of psychic ability. My grandmother, in particular, was very gifted."

Pat's parents were travellers and he spent most of his childhood on the road. "I was actually born in a field in Staffordshire – it's a pub car park nowadays," he added.

"I settled in West Leake years ago now. I wanted the kids to have a stable home."

The father-of-two, who has worked as a professional psychic for 17 years, says he grew up in a world where fortune-telling was part of everyday life.

"Everybody's got the potential to be psychic. It's quite a primitive thing, like having another sense," Pat explained.

"People often ask me if I'm psychic all the time, if I know what's going to happen from one minute to the next.

"And, of course, I don't. When I do a reading for somebody, I have to focus my energies and open up what I call my third eye."

Pat visualises a flower, blossoming in the middle of his forehead. "I open myself up to the other person, almost become them for a short time," he explained.

"It allows me to see into them, their past and their future."

Pat, who often reads at meetings of Melton Mind, Body and Spirit Group, has clients all over the world.

"I even have people consulting me for business advice – one man says my predictions made him rich," he added.

Having been to visit medium Fran Colwell, who said I would have three children and settle abroad, I was keen to see what Pat would forecast.

He took me into his consultation room, full of healing crystals, and set up a tape recorder.

"I make a copy of the reading, so people can go back over my predictions. Then they don't forget what's been said," added Pat.

He sat in a chair opposite mine, eyes closed and described me, my family, my health, career and personality.

Most of what he said was pretty accurate – he picked up on my bad back, low blood-pressure and short sight immediately (and no, I wasn't wearing glasses).

But he told me I "had rhythm" and would make a great dancer, something my two left feet could make difficult...

And he thought my mum came from a family of singers – most of her relations are tone deaf.

When I protested, Pat just smiled knowingly and told me, if I did a little research (and gave salsa dancing a whirl) I'd find he was right.

So I asked what he saw in my past. He picked up on two ex-boyfriends, who he said had a big influence on my life.

One he dismissed as a "reckless driver, who never takes responsibility for his own actions" (spot on).

And the other he described as "a nice bloke, who just can't be faithful" (spot on again).

He said I had to wait another two years for happiness and predicted a period of depression before the end of the year.

But, on a brighter note, Pat said I would have a successful career – to include writing novels and working abroad.

"Your real role in life is to be a teacher, though you may not have realised that yet," he added.

"I also see you going back into education as a student – maybe doing a psychology degree. In your later life, you will work as a therapist, a counsellor of some kind."

Pat predicted a happy family life, complete with two children (rather than three, foreseen by the medium).

The reading lasted for 45 minutes and Pat was spookily accurate about many elements of my life, both past and present.

So, who knows? Maybe salsa dancing and a psychology course are just round the corner. Unlike Prince Charming (who isn't scheduled to show up for a couple of years).

Pat charges 30 per reading. For more information, call him on (01509) 856548.

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