Melton youngsters hatch chicks at their nursery

Nurturing the chicks PHOTO: Supplied
Nurturing the chicks PHOTO: Supplied

Eight chicks have hatched in an incubator at Oasis Family Centre, Melton, to the excitement of the children.

The chicks were provided to the pre-school for two weeks by the Happy Chick Company and hatched 36 to 48 hours after they arrived.

The process enabled the children to learn about the cycle of life in a hands on, practical and magical way.

Victoria Conyers, manager at Oasis Family Centre, said: “We saw the chicks everyday grow up, dry out, fluff up and become confident in their run.

“The children had the opportunity to handle them, sit with them and ask pressing questions about the start of new life.

“Thank you to Melton Aurora Rotary Club for funding this project.”

The chicks returned to the Happy Chick Company to be ethically re-homed.