Melton Times letter: Why Britain must leave the EU

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I note the clever dalliance of our MP, Sir Alan Duncan, in his column in the Melton Times last week, as he sits astride the fence, not stating the absolute undeniable truth to all the people of his constituency: Great Britain must leave the EU.

Our survival as a democratic state depends on this. There are no advantages whatsoever to staying in the EU.  

Clear incontrovertible facts about this appear almost every day.

UK jobs will not be lost. Trade will continue and expand.

Freedom and democracy will thrive better under our Sovereign Control. 

Our visits to Europe will not be curtailed.

Europeans will still visit and work in Britain.

The whole argument is about

freedom and democracy versus dictatorship by an unelected cabal of sycophants in Brussels over whom we have no control.

By leaving, Great Britain will also uphold and strengthen the last remaining pockets of wholesome democracy which

remain in the stifled and cowed satellites of the EU’s overbearing imperium.

Like Sir Alan, I, too, campaigned in 1975 to get Great Britain out of the EEC.

As the referendum nears, I am ready for the fight of my life to save my family and my grandchildren.  

Come on Sir Alan… say it loudly and with conviction:  Great Britain must leave the EU.

Richard Billington

UKIP parliamentary candidate for Melton & Rutland 2015