Melton Times letter: Taxpayers’ money shouldn’t be used

Grantham Journal letter.
Grantham Journal letter.
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I am utterly furious that our Prime Minister considers the use of taxpayers’ money to promulgate the EU and the EU debate. This is wrong.

Individuals and Prime Ministers are entitled to their personal political opinions. However, no public money whatsoever should be used by a Government to promote the EU. For the moment at least, we live in a democracy.

Too many of my forebears have died in countless wars to

get Britain this far on the road to truth, democracy and freedom - the antidotes of totalitarianism.

Rest assured that I shall

adhere to the will of the free public to vote as they see

fit but not one penny of taxpayer’s money should fund any side in this momentous referendum.

Richard Billington

UKIP candidate for Rutland in the 2015 General Election