Melton Times letter: St Mary’s Christmas tree festival

Christmas trees galore in St Mary's Church PHOTO: Tim Williams
Christmas trees galore in St Mary's Church PHOTO: Tim Williams
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“For every year this Christmas tree, to us such joy and glee.

“Christmas tree, Oh Christmas tree, pleasure do you bring me!

“Oh Christmas tree, Oh Christmas tree, ever be unchanging!

“A symbol of goodwill and love, ever be unchanging.”

This year’s Christmas Tree Festival at St Mary’s Church has once again been a huge success with many thousands of people coming through the doors and then leaving with big smiles on their faces.

It’s wonderful that people get such pleasure from visiting the event but it would not have been possible but for the contributions made by local organisations and individuals in providing the inspiring tree designs we have seen.

From the smallest tree by young Maddox who showed off his dinosaurs, to the largest contribution from Masterpane of a giant illuminated ladder with a rotating coil of decorations below they have all brought pleasure.

Many thanks also has to go to all those who have provided food supplies for the cafe area, a church function is only as good as it’s cake!

Finally we must thank the many people who have given their time, some for a few hours and some for the whole of the two weeks, to ensure that the festival could happen.

Hopefully we will be back again next year, after the work on the church has been competed, with more silly hats and colourful Christmas sweaters.

Happy Christmas to you all.

Brian Wray, Christmas Tree Festival Committee