Melton Times letter: Skateboard Park is poorly lit

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When the old skateboard park was demolished and the new one was built I thought that now, at last, the boarders will get the facilities they most certainly deserve and at last they will, like the tennis courts and all weather football pitches, be well lit.

But not a bit of it and there is no adequate footpath to the skateboard park from the main footpath either.

Just for a little while the schoolchildren after school were able to enjoy the park in the evenings but now the dark has closed in they

are, once again, the poor relations.

I have said before that I know there is an electricity cable to one side of the skateboard park and how difficult

or expensive would it be to construct a short concrete path?

The benefits are obvious; healthier children and parents knowing where their children are in the evenings.

Once again I have seen children using the kerbs and slopes of the council car park and also the juxtaposed car park below the church.

And why is this? It’s not rocket science is it? Because they are lit.

Can the council be embarrassed into funding a pair of floodlights and a path? I would after all for them be a very small outlay.

Pure speculation but I wonder if I personally offered to fund the lighting whether or not the council would get on with the job?

I could at least offer a contribution and I suspect many others would join me. But that’s so much pie in the sky and I fear the poor little perishes will have to wait until the lighter nights. But that’s six months away!

Andy Cross, Gloucester Avenue, Melton