Melton Times letter: ‘People don’t bother putting waste in the right bin’

Grantham Journal letter.
Grantham Journal letter.
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I am writing to encourage people to recycle. The real truth is not enough people are bothered to put the right rubbish in the right bins. Also some people don’t recycle enough to reduce the amount of waste going into landfill sites.

In the recycling dustbin you can put: cans, plastics and cardboard. In the compost bin you can put: garden waste, grass and twigs. In the dustbin you can put the normal bin rubbish.

There are 4,000 landfill sites in the UK, soon landfill sites will be everywhere and you will be surrounded by rubbish. Are people going to start recycling? You can get your children involved by doing activities or playing and making swords, dens and rockets. Then put it in the right dustbin.

By recycling we could save 14 million dustbins.

William Brooks, Stathern Primary School