Melton Times letter: Lit Skate Park would encourage anti-social behaviour

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Grantham Journal letter.
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Melton Skate Park is not on Melton Borough Council land it’s on Town Estate Land and the reason the Skate Park is not lit is because it would be a target for anti-social behaviour and encourage people to hang around at all times of the night.

During the extensive consultation with users when the skate park was built it was the young people themselves who didn’t want it to be a target for anti-social behaviour and be a site that younger children would be afraid to visit.

I’m quite sure that parents would rather know that their children were safe rather than being in danger skating at night in a rather secluded area of the park.

Yes, they do use other areas to skate like the car park and Market Place but these places are lit because they are public areas.

It would be a matter for the Town Estate to decide if they wish to provide a concrete path, however, we can work with them to look at a possible solution.

Councillor Pam Posnett, Leader Melton Council