Melton Times letter: Let’s ditch the EU

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Grantham Journal letter.
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I read with interest the letter in last week’s Melton Times from Martin Hanson and his memories of 1975 titled EU referendum.

Does he also remember the EU keeping prices artificially high in 1975 resulting in a butter mountain, grain mountain, and wine lake?Also does he remember the EU paying our farmers large subsidies to rip up their orchards, then flooding our country with french golden delicious and pink lady apples?

Decimalisation was to blame for the high inflation in the early 1970s, fuelling the unrest in Britain (another government failure we had no say in).

I remember the 1950s and 60s when we had free trade with the world and our industries were regularly exporting more than imports.

The EU has now got rid of common sense and implimented rules and regulations and red tape, stifling our smaller companies.

The EU is bleeding our country dry, what would our country and local councils, the NHS, the police force, the fire brigade and our armed forces do with the £55 million pounds, (a day it costs us in the EU) to spend on these services over the next five years.

Yes I remember when Britain was great, when you got paid for what you did, no benefits or handouts, just family allowance from 2nd child onwards.

We were proud of our country, let’s ditch the EU, get our country back and make it great again.

Jim Reed, Highfield Avenue, Melton