Melton Times letter: Frustration over Severn Trent A6006 roadworks

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It seems to be impossible to find an email address for Severn Trent on their website that isn’t to do with bills or emergencies and I have to comment about this somewhere.

What I wanted to complain about is the state of the current roadworks between Asfordby and Asfordby Hill on the A6006.

Residents of Asfordby Valley have had water works on the slip road and residential side-roads which we had been warned of.

Now we have the roundabout coned off in all directions. This is early (should have been July) so I suppose well done Severn Trent for that.

However, with reference to the roadworks, hardly any warning signage, closing off the slip road at the roundabout with no warning - leaving two very awkward entrances to the slip road, huge queues at rush hour times and lorries having to mount pavements to get round the coned roundabout.

Whoever ‘signed off’ for the way these works are being undertaken ought to be finding another job.

It’s abysmal. There could be better ways of re-routing the traffic using local roads and less coning off of the roundabout.

If Severn Trent wants to do this sort of thing on a very busy main road, why not at least work 24/7 to get it out of the way, instead of finishing at 3.30pm/4pm every day?

Nina Kenchington

Asfordby Valley