Melton Times letter: Do relatives still live in Rutland?

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I live in Canada and am looking for living relatives that may still live in the area.

I am a descendant of Matthew Roberts who raised some children in Uppingham in 1825.

His father was Peter Roberts, a shoe maker, I believe Matthew was in the same occupation.

I have found the following reference to Peter Roberts in Rutland 1814.

Lately at Uppingham, age 74, Peter Roberts. Peter had a great dislike to the fair sex and could not suffer attendance from them upon any occasion. A few years back he had the misfortune to suffer much pain by a corn upon his toe: and his patience being not quite so great as the pain, he soon dispatched the affair altogether by chopping off the toe with a hatchet.

His brother who died some time ago and who left him a good sum, was also an eccentric. He hit upon a very curious method of saving money, it was related that he used to work on Sundays at his trade ( that of a cobbler ), and earned as much money on that day as would keep him the whole week, whilst the rest of his earnings were entirely reserved and finally fell into the hands of his brother.

I believe the brother was Samuel Roberts and I believe William Roberts was my grandfather on the Musson side.

Peter Roberts , owned land and apprenticed Peter Sharpe, son of Mary, in June 1741, Robert Smith son of John Smith in June 1741, and Daniel Price in June 1784.

In his Will, proven February 2, 1985 Peter Roberts made various bequests, including to Elizabeth and Ann Stapleton of Glayson (who I think are his nieces) £100 each when they turn 21; £50 each to Ann Stapleton widow of Glayston in Rutland and Marry Seaton the sum of £50. He appointed Matthew Roberts as trustee to the children, left him the freehold “litte house with the well of water before the door” and all his belongings, but Mr Roberts had to burry him “in a decent manner if I die in Uppingham or any place within 20 miles of it.”

This is all the information I have on the family. If you could be of any help to me I would appreciate it.

I can be emailed on

The Rev Rick A Robinson, via email