Melton Times letter: Diet change to help wild animals

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Grantham Journal letter.
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Last week came the depressing news that wild animal populations all across the world are plummeting.

The Living Planet Report, which was produced by WWF and the Zoological Society of London, found that mass extinctions and climate change are the key signs of a human-dominated world.

One of the main industries singled out for its damning contribution is animal farming.

Our diet is having a profoundly damaging effect on wildlife. Jaguars, armadillos and maned wolves are in decline in South America, for example, because of feed grown for farmed animals in Europe, while overfishing is decimating aquatic species. The situation is dire but we do not have to wait for government and industry to act: each of us can make a real difference three times a day.

Veganuary encourages people to try a plant-based diet throughout the month of January, and last year 23,000 people took part. They signed up because they wanted to protect farmed animals and the environment, and to improve their health. Now we are asking everyone who cares about mass extinction of wildlife to take part, too.

Veganuary is upbeat, supportive and non-judgmental, and more than half of those who try it choose to stay vegan at the end. So, for salamanders and anteaters, coral reefs and white-cheeked spider monkeys, visit and try vegan this January.

Clea Grady, Veganuary,