Melton Times column: Use SMART goals this year to keep track of your fitness progress

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Primal Fitness EMN-151229-085458001
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Happy new year everyone! With Christmas now a memory everyone’s minds are looking forward to getting fit and healthy again.

In our last article we looked at diet and exercise, today we’ll talk about how goal setting can help you achieve your goals this 2016.

Using SMART goals is a fantastic way to keep you on track by applying them to your fitness and weight loss regime. Below I’ll use this for a simple weight loss plan to show how this SMART system can be used.

Specific -So, easy one your specific goal is to lose weight.

Measurable - A great way for this is to not only weigh yourself but take some measurements too. Belly, hips, arms, legs. Use an obvious point on each so you’ll know where to measure again. For instance the belly button measurement.

Achievable - It’s no use have a crazy goal like being size zero, base your weight on an achievable target. Were you this weight a couple of years ago Or before you had a child?? Then this is the way to go!  If you chase an unachievable goal, you will always fail.

Realistic - Forget all the shake diets or the celebrity diet such as “I lost 3 stone in 3 weeks” Aim to lose 1-2lbs per week with a healthy diet and regular exercise. This is the safest and proven way to keep those pounds off.

Timebound -Using your Achievable goal of your weight loss, divide that using your 1-2lbs per week which will give you your time scale. Aiming to lose say 10lbs in 5-10 weeks (depending on how much you have to lose) will work the best.

After using these goals to set yourself up a plan, remember not to get disheartened, I’ve had clients who have had many bumps in the road. Weight loss slowing down, lack of motivation but by keeping to these methods you’ll have a much better chance of succeeding.

Remember where you are and where you want to be, if you keep at it you will get to your goal! By giving up you’ll be back to starting all over again next year. Make this the year that doesn’t happen! Good luck!

* If you would like any more help or advice don’t hesitate to get in touch by emailing adam@primal or call 07841 638008. For personal training and fitness classes visit us at Primal Fitness, North Street. Melton.