Melton’s Pc Chris Perry receives Beat Officer of the Year honour at Leicestershire Police awards ceremony

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A committed Melton Pc officially received his ‘Beat Officer of the Year’ award at a Leicestershire Police awards ceremony today (Friday).

Pc Chris Perry, a police officer for 15 years and currently dedicated neighbourhood officer for Melton town south, was nominated by a member of public in Melton who wrote: “I know that many in the community, including myself, have received support from Chris over the years and he, along with his two Pcsos, have helped make this area of the town a popular community to live in.

“Chris is sincere, approachable and helpful. He’s never quick to judge, fair minded and sympathetic to the needs of the community. For many years he has regularly led an informative beat surgery where he explains the crime statistics for the area, promotes crime prevention and answers concerns.

“Chris engages brilliantly with local youngsters giving them his time, encouragement and support. He recently helped organise a multi-agency football tournament, which took place at peak times of anti-social behaviour on Friday nights, to reduce incidents and break down barriers that exist between the police and local youngsters. Chris has achieved much success and gained respect from many of the youngsters.

“Chris has also worked hard to build up relations between the police and the Polish community.

“He certainly makes a difference and he’s a credit to himself, his family and the police force. We’re very fortunate to have him.”

Chris’ line manager said: “Chris knows his business. The role of the modern beat manager is constantly evolving, specifically with regard to working with partners to find solutions to problems that, in former times, would never have gone away. Chris gets the best out of his team and partners by effective delegation and co-ordination and is a very amiable man, who has a reputation for being professional, efficient, reliable and trustworthy. The community he serves should know they have one of Leicestershire’s best officers working with them!”