Melton residents urged to lock up and light up as police launch campaign to stop rise in winter burglaries

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‘Don’t leave your home in darkness,” – that’s the message going out to Melton residents as Leicestershire Police launches a new campaign to prevent a rise in burglaries.

Analysis of five years of data shows that burglaries increase in October, November and December during the darker winter months. To stop the seasonal peak, police are urging homeowners to leave lights on, lock windows and doors and make sure it looks as though someone is home even if the house is empty.

Any burglary victims, and their neighbours, will be visited by local officers who will offer support and advice. They will also warn the rest of the street that a burglary has taken place and ask residents if they have any information.

Leicestershire Police advises residents to lock their windows and doors, ensure a light is left on in the property, using a light timer if they’re out and fit external lights known to deter burglars.

Det Chief Insp Rich Ward said: “If you see any suspicious behaviour call us immediately on 101. Ringing us as soon as possible gives us the best chance of making an arrest or stopping a crime taking place.”